Cabins in Beavers Bend
Beavers Bend Cabins

A list to help you pack for the trip
(Items not provided by Cabins in beavers Bend)

1. Your favorite brand of coffee and filter
2. Charcoal and lighter fluid for the outdoor grill
3. Cooking Spices and condiments
4. Bottled drinking water
5. Personal items (toothbrush, shaver, body lotion, hair brush....)
6. Flashlight
7. Sun block
8. Anti itch ointment
9. We do not provide towels for the hot tub. Please bring towels if you plan on using hot tub
10. We keep the grass and weeds cut around the cabins. However, chiggers can be populous and guests should always protect themselves against them. Click here for more information.

For Reservations, please contact Cabins in Beavers Bend
580-208-0067 (9am-9pm please) •