Cabins in Beavers Bend

HoneyBear Ranch
Providing Southeast Oklahoma with quality products at reasonable prices
Beavers Bend Depot

HoneyBear Ranch - provides the best quality naturally grown products in the area. They raise their own vegetable plants in the greenhouse so they are sure that no chemicals touch them. Their gardens are fed with natural fertilizer provided by their own calves, chickens and the compost brewed on the ranch.

Honey Bear Ranch also often have free clinics to teach others how to grow food for their families. They believe it is important to pass on what they've learned from trial and error. Honey Bear Ranch also believe it is wise for all of us to learn to be self-sufficient and to feed our bodies with naturally raised, locally grown food. Don't forget to stop by and see what Honey Bear Ranch has to offer. Children are welcome to come feed their animals!

For Reservations, please contact Cabins in Beavers Bend
580-208-0067 (9am-9pm please) •