Cabins in Beavers Bend
Cabins in Beavers Bend


Is your cabin secluded?
Is your cabin secluded? This is a question we get more than any other. For guests not familiar to the area, there are hundreds of cabins spread throughout Beavers Bend. Many of these cabins set on small tracts of land with close proximity to other cabins or buildings. When we chose our land to build upon, we made sure there would always be privacy. This was done by securing land that was no less than 1.75 acres. Of course, this does not mean you will be in the middle of the woods with no one around for miles. What it does mean is guests at Autumn Pointe could hear others at a neighboring cabin, but will have complete visual privacy. Since there is so little noise pollution in Beavers Bend, noise easily travels through the forest. Also, Autumn Pointe is located 1.5 miles East of Highway 259. This distance keeps highway noise unnoticeable.

Do you provide sheets & towels?
Yes, we provide sheets & towels for your stay.

How bad are the mosquitoes or chiggers?
Mosquitoes can be terrible and chiggers even worse, as we are in a high humidity climate with ample creeks, rivers, and ponds. Along with mosquitoes, guests should also be highly aware of chiggers. In my opinion, chiggers can cause more discomfort than mosquitoes. However, both are abundant in the area and preventative measures should be taken to avoid a run in with either. We all know there are insect repellants that keep the mosquitoes away. On the other hand, chiggers often turn a blind eye to the sprays and creams. When you are walking through grass or weeds, these little mites or larva seem to overcome the sprays and find a nice soft spot on your body. They are not fun to experience, as itchy red bumps will appear and last for several days. They can be prevented by using a combination of insect spray and manually washing, rinsing, or wiping off areas of your body that have come in contact with weeds or grass. Also, chiggers can stay in your clothing, so be sure to shake out your clothes if you can't wash them.

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